NinjaZone Questions? We Have Answers!

What do they wear to class?

A NinjaZone unifrom is required for these classes. They are available in the KGA proshop for purchase. The uniform pack includes a shirt, white headband, skill chart, and stickers to keep track of your child's skills. If a child forgets a shirt we have loaner shirts available at the front desk. But your child will be required to leave a shoe as collateral for our awesome shirts! Any type of shorts or pants are allowed as long as they allow room for movement. Other NinjaZone goodies are available for purchase in our proshop as well. Or order online at www.theNinjaZoneStore.com SHOES Because we use wooden obstacles shoes are highly recommended. Tennis shoes or athletic shoes with a good grip are preffered. Although shoes are not required, for safety and effeciency it is highly recommended. At the very least, please wear gripper socks. Shoe recomendations can be made by coaches and staff.

How do I know what level to sign up for?

Here is guide to help decide which level is best for your child(ren). Generally we ask that kids start with the white level just to make sure thier foundation is being built correctly to ensure they achieve awesome Ninja status some day. Kids will move through these levels and test to the next color headband at our Mission Ceremonies . Are you ready to release your inner NINJA?


Baby Ninja is the newest class to hit NinjaZone! In an organized, yet playful structure, this parent and tot class is the perfect way to socialize your child, allow them to learn and understand what it means to follow instruction, and of course, get them moving! These classes follow our Ninja theme (of course!), and the skills required to master the course include fundamental movement, coordination, fine and gross motor skill development, and our NinjaZone character-building component. Baby Ninja allows your child to play, have fun, bond with their Ninja grown-up, and learn body awareness. Baby Ninjas will be introduced to simple vocabulary, color words, numbers, and more! Baby Ninja is for stable walkers through age 3. Baby Ninja classes prepare your child for the next phase of Ninja Sport, so by the time they are old enough to enroll in Lil' Ninja classes, they'll be ahead of the game!

What certifications do the coaches have?

All of our NinjaZone coaches are USAG Safety Certified, SafeSport Certified, and Level 1 & 2 Certified through Ninja Sports International. We pride ourselves in provided a curriculum that is taught in a safe and supportive environment. Investing in our coaches is another way we invest in your child.


Class prices start at $100 per month. Please check individual class listings for prices. **Tuition does not include $45 annual administration fee per family +tax ** Siblings receive 10% discount ; 25% discount off second class if a student takes more than 1 class. discount is taken from lower tuition. Full payment is required to register for camp/class.